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environment such as temperature
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environment such as temperature
profit decline, the majority Companies will choose close to 0.3mm tolerances to save costs, which can easily lead to non-compliance of their products. For the future trend, many industry insiders frankly stated that the industry reshuffle is inevitable. Under such circumstances, it is easy to produce some products that are unqualified. Only the government and other relevant departments can strengthen industry supervision and corporate
self-discipline in order to maintain good results. Industry reputation. However, industry insiders also admitted to reporters that large enterprises such as Yihua Wood also have problems, which may be caused by improper management. “In recent years, the company and its parent company have focused on the development of real estate, furniture and other businesses. The decline in management capability is likely to be related to the
contempt of their parent company for the main floor business.” said the person. However, relevant persons in the Yihua Wood Market Department explained that the product being tested was a sample of a store, which took a long time and was affected by the environment such as temperature and humidity, and was easily deformed. Therefore, such a situation occurred. However, the source said that the specific reason is not yet clear, the
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